Sandoz Canada president explains shortages to House of Commons

Drug shortages brought on by difficulties at Sandoz's Boucherville, Quebec, plant have landed the president of the Novartis ($NVS) subsidiary in the hot seat before a committee of the Canadian House of Commons. Sandoz Canada's Michel Robidoux told members Tuesday that the generic drugmaker is meeting more than 80% of demand in Canada for its products and more than 95% of need for the top half dozen most critical products, reports Postmedia News. A production slowdown at the plant last month in response to FDA concerns have led to shortages of a long list of drugs--including cancer treatments and painkillers. The shortages have ratcheted up calls in Canada for some kind of legislative solution. A March 4 fire at the plant made the situation worse, as the company had to temporarily halt production to clean up. Story | More