Mylan recalling two injectable drugs made in India

Mylan ($MYL) is recalling two sterile injectable drugs made in India, including 6 lots of an injectable blood pressure med that it began retrieving after testing found that it might be subpotent and that it missed specifications for impurities and degradation. The second drug is being recalling over a packaging issue.

According to the most recent FDA Enforcement Report, Mylan has voluntarily recalled 78,090 vials of the blood pressure med nicardipine hydrochloride injection. The report said the drug was manufactured in India for Mylan.

It is the second blood pressure med that Mylan has recalled in the last 6 months. The drugmaker in October began recalling recalled 15,966 bottles of metoprolol succinate extended release tablets, a generic for AstraZeneca ($AZN) hypertension drug Toprol XL. The voluntary recall of that oral drug was made after "A pharmacist reported a rogue tablet of different size and markings in a bottle of metoprolol."

Mylan also began last month recalling 936 vials of the cancer treatment doxorubicin hydrochloride injection which was manufactured in India by Onco Therapies. It reported that a pharmacist reported finding a vial of chemotherapy drug ifosfamide injection mispackaged in a carton of doxorubicin hydrochloride injection.

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