Former top execs at Ranbaxy U.S. open consulting business

Ranbaxy's top U.S. execs were seen as pivotal in the company getting approval to move production of a generic of Novartis' ($NVS) blockbuster Diovan from a banned plant in India, to Ranbaxy's New Jersey facility. But a handful of them resigned last month and now they intend to use that experience helping other drugmakers make it through the FDA's tough maze of regulations, and to negotiate with payers, The Economic Times reports. The 5 execs resigned from Ranbaxy last month ahead of the closing of a deal to sell the company to Sun Pharmaceutical. The newspaper says they have opened up a consulting operation in the U.S., Bion Pharma, to share their expertise. "We will be discriminating in our choice of partners and will only take on players who are willing to follow the rules and meet the expectations of the U.S. market, Venkat Krishnan, Ranbaxy's former top exec in the U.S. told the newspaper. Story | More