EMA director Rasi sidelined by complaint from colleague who wanted his job

Guido Rasi

For three years, Guido Rasi has been Europe's top pharma regulator, moving aggressively to restore the image of the European Medicines Agency. But his future there is now in doubt, sidelined by a colleague who was miffed that he was not picked for the job himself, the Financial Times reports. Rasi has stepped aside following a ruling by the European Union Civil Service Tribunal that the initial process of shortlisting candidates and then picking Rasi was flawed. The panel was acting on a complaint by Emil Hristov, former executive director of the Bulgarian Drug Agency, who wanted the job but was not on the short list compiled by the European Commission. The EMA and the EC are getting their lawyers involved to figure out their next step, Bloomberg says. Rasi, the former top drug regulator in Italy, was lauded as a consummate professional when he was selected in November 2011. One of his first, and most controversial, moves was to insist on more trial transparency from drugmakers. In January, the EMA will begin publishing data from clinical reports used in drug studies. FT story | Bloomberg story | More