Brain scans may help docs target which antipsychotics work

One of the hot trends in cancer medication is genetic tests that can tell doctors if a related treatment will work on certain patients. It means patients don't have to go through a litany of treatments and payers don't have to fork out money for a drug that may not help. Now, two companies are coming up with a variation on that theme for antipsychotic drugs. CNS Response ($CNSO), AssureRx Health and Brain Resource ($BRRZY) are each offering brain scan tests that are meant to provide physical and mental patterns that will indicate which treatment will work best for specific patients, Bloomberg reports. Global sales of antipsychotics and antidepressants reached nearly $50 billion last year, IMS Health reports. About 11% of Americans 12 and older are treated just for depression, a condition that can lead to suicide and costs U.S. employers an estimated $34 billion annually in lost productivity, Bloomberg says. But it can be difficult to figure which drugs will help which patients and finding a way to do that is something doctors are anxiously awaiting. Story | More