Abbott India unit, others, get court stay on fixed-dose drug bans

The Delhi High Court granted a stay for the Indian unit of Abbott Laboratories ($ABT) and local firm Macleods Pharmaceuticals to respond to a regulator ban halting sales of products that fall under so-called fixed dose formulations that combine medicines, the Economic Times said. Last week, India banned more than 300 fixed-dose drugs that combine therapies often without new clinical trials in a widely used method that has formulations running into the thousands, many of which are approved at the state level in India. The court said the companies have until April to reply on why the formulations should be allowed to remain on the market. In the case of Abbott, this covers cough syrup brands Tixylix toddler syrup and Phensedyl, and for Macleods, panderm plus ointment. The Indian unit of Pfizer's ($PFE) cough syrup Corex was also granted a stay on Tuesday. A separate report by the Economic Times said India's Ministry of Health is examining as many as 1,700 more fixed dose products for safety. Report