Transdermal Specialties set to unveil investigational insulin patch

The transdermal U-Strip system is the platform for an in-development needle-free insulin treatment--courtesy of Transdermal Specialties

Drug delivery company Transdermal Specialties is preparing to unveil a noninvasive insulin patch that uses U-Strip, the company's through-the-skin platform.

The Pennsylvania-based company will demonstrate the in-development treatment at the American Diabetes Association's Annual Scientific Meeting June 9-11 in Philadelphia.

U-Strip uses alternating ultrasonic waves to expand pores, allowing large-molecule drugs to slip through the dermis and into the bloodstream. The U-Strip insulin patch pairs that technology with four variable insulin doses to provide treatment without a pump and without needles, the company said. Furthermore, the platform is compatible with mobile devices, allowing for patients and physicians to monitor glucose levels.

The insulin patch is formulated for diabetes Types 1 and 2, the company said, and it's one of two applications for the platform that Transdermal Specialties has in the pipeline. The other is U-Wand, an acne treatment the company hopes to commercialize by the end of the year.

The company is targeting 2014 for the marketing of its insulin patch, having completed 12 clinical trials with more than 125 patients thus far. Transdermal Specialties has two more trials planned, working with more than 500 diabetics, before it pursues FDA approval, the company said.

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