Riken's new president vows more partnerships to fix scandal-hit institution

The new president of Japan's Riken research institute vowed to enter into partnerships with more businesses as part of his plan for reform of the institution hit by a scandal over its stem cell research.

Hiroshi Matsumoto

Hiroshi Matsumoto, most recently president of Kyoto University where he also pushed through institutional reforms, said he wanted to attract more young researchers to the institute and shift the focus away from publishing articles in scientific journals.

He said he had the impression that Riken favored only a few businesses with partnership arrangements, and said he would seek more of them across a broad range of businesses.

In an interview with Nikkei four days into the job, Matsumoto said he planned to create a program similar to the one he encouraged at Kyoto University, encouraging the new doctorate holders it hires to exchange opinions with counterparts in other fields as a way to help young researchers grow.

- here's the story from Nikkei