Pulmatrix heralds early stage results for COPD dry powder tech

Massachusetts-based dry-powder specialist Pulmatrix welcomed successful early-stage results for its bronchodilator treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), which makes use of its novel lung delivery system iSPERSE.

Pulmatrix's iSPERSE (inhaled small particles easily respirable and emitted) combines a couple of the different properties of aerosol particles--the dry powder technology gives it the ability to hold a wide variety of drugs and reach effective delivery to the lungs. Chief Scientific Officer David Hava told FierceDrugDelivery that "iSPERSE uses proprietary salt formulations to create a robust and flexible platform that expands the potential drug classes that can be delivered to COPD patients."

Hava went on to note the differences between iSPERSE and conventional dry powder technologies currently slated for COPD. For instance, whereas the dose of API loading is limited to less than one milligram in current therapies, he said, iSPERSE can handle up to 10 milligrams. And while many dry powder techs are unstable for macromolecules and biologics, iSPERSE uses salts to deliver these drugs for a significantly higher dose than lactose formulations. Pulmatrix's tech can deliver antibodies, peptides and nucleic acids, Hava said.

In the Phase Ib study, being performed in the U.K., all doses of the small molecule candidate PUR0200 led to increased lung function, Hava noted.

"Serum levels of PUR0200 indicate increased exposure with increasing dose and confirm the superior lung delivery of PUR0200 compared to lactose blends," Hava said.

Pulmatrix is backed by Polaris, Arch, 5AM and Novartis Venture fund, which Hava said would take the company through the clinical development of PUR0200, as well as additional products in its pipeline. And although it is "actively partnering a number of development programs," Hava said, he did not go into the details.

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