Paris-based biotech ABIVAX launches pivotal clinical study on hep B candidate in Asia

SINGAPORE--Paris-based clinical biotech ABIVAX said it has recruited its first patient for an Asia Pacific-based pivotal Phase IIb-III clinical trial of a potential vaccine therapy of chronic hepatitis B via a controlling viral load for a much longer period of time when compared to current options.

The first patient in New Zealand is part of a study to see if the candidate, ABX203, can provide better treatment for chronic hepatitis B. Formulated as a solution for nasal sprays and subcutaneous injections, ABX203 is a therapeutic vaccine designed to induce immune responses similar to those occurring in patients with a self-resolving acute HBV infection.

Hartmut Ehrlich

"We are confident that ABX203, our therapeutic vaccine against chronic hepatitis B, could be a major progress in the treatment of patients with this devastating disease," Hartmut Ehrlich, the CEO of ABIVAX, said in a press statement.

ABIVAX is expected to file for marketing approval of ABX203 in certain Asian countries and holds distribution rights in more than 80 territories in Asia, Europe and Africa following successful completion of Phase I, I/II and III clinical trials in Cuba and Bangladesh, according to the firm.

The study aims to recruit 230 patients and will take place in seven countries within the Asia-Pacific region.

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