Israeli government invests $11M in nanodelivery

The Israeli government has committed to investing $11 million for the development of nanodelivery systems through 11 laboratories in the Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative (INNI). The research will be led by Tel Aviv University Professor Dan Peer. The laboratories responded to a call from INNI, Peer told Globes, and the research will focus on diseases related to problems with new blood vessel growth (angiogenesis), including cancer, infection and heart disease. "One of our laboratories knows how create nanometer structures that function as bearers of drugs," Peer told Globes. "Another laboratory produces the antibodies, which can identify targets in the body and reach them. When these antibodies are added to the bearers, they carry them to the location." The aim of the project is to create 5 or 6 technologies that can lead to new startup companies, potentially within two years. Article