Fuse Science rolls out roll-on delivery

Fuse Science has created a patchless delivery technology that could allow drugs to be rolled on as simply as an underarm deodorant, with success in tests for drugs from caffeine to insulin. The drugs are encapsulated using Fuse Science's proprietary encapsulation technology, which delivers the agents across the skin. In the company's tests, the anti-cancer agent paclitaxel and the hormone insulin were delivered consistently over 24 hours. According to Brian Tuffin, Fuse Science's CEO, the company's technology could deliver 80% of all drugs across the skin, rendering the $3 billion patch business obsolete. It's hard to see how roll-on drug delivery could deliver exact quantities of drugs like paclitaxel or insulin, but it's an interesting concept and could potentially improve compliance, particularly in children, the elderly, and the needle-phobic. Press release