Fierce's 5 Drug Delivery Companies to Watch

Here are five drug delivery companies worth watching in the months ahead. Some are veteran players. Others are just getting started. All are making their mark by bringing drug delivery technology into everyday medical device and pharmaceutical use. You can link to the report at the end of this column.

But first, an explanation of how we put this together: We primarily combed through our coverage to make our choices, but also used as a reference, and partial inspiration for this list, the Lux Research report: "Ranking Emerging Delivery Technologies: Tools for Making Old Drugs New and New Drugs Work."

Here are the companies:

  • QLT--which focuses on a highly needed goal: replacing eye drops with a better way to deliver ocular treatments.
  • Bend Research--a veteran drug delivery company focused on spray-dried dispersion and controlled-release technology.
  • BIND Biosciences--one of the many drug delivery companies shaped by technology from MIT's Robert Langer, which blends polymers with existing drugs to boost their delivery potential.
  • Endocyte--which is close to regulatory approval for a targeted cancer drug and corresponding diagnostic.
  • Polymer Factory--a nimble, Swedish startup developing high-quality dendrimer tech.

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