Echo's trandsdermal tech gets positive results, TV time

Echo Therapeutics ($ECTE) is reporting positive clinical trial results for Symphony, its transdermal glucose monitor, and CEO Patrick Mooney will get a chance to discuss those results on national TV on Wednesday.

Symphony is a wireless device that uses the company's patented Prelude SkinPrep System, a needle-free delivery platform awaiting approval. This week, Echo unveiled the results of a trial on critically ill patients, getting 99.6% clinical accuracy on glucose readings with no reported adverse events from the monitor or platform.

Next, Mooney will appear on ABC's Emmy-winning show "The Doctors" to talk about Symphony, which will likely boost the profile of the in-development technology, he said in a statement. "Building on the positive momentum we have generated with the results of our recent clinical trial, we are excited to increase the visibility of our needle-free Symphony tCGM System," he said.

Echo, which has ties to MIT's Robert Langer, is banking on the approval and success of Symphony and Prelude. The company had expected to market the product in 2011 after hearing from the FDA that it would need only minor tweaks before approval. However, the company later learned that it would have to clear the Health and Human Services Department's Combination Products Department, which has delayed the launch, Echo told FierceDrugDelivery in March.

But despite the protracted approval process, Mooney can walk onto the stage of "The Doctors" with positive trial results and, if all goes well, walk off with a high-profile product.

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