Drug delivery guru Robert Langer wins £1M prize for his contributions

MIT's Robert Langer took home the Queen Elizabeth Prize for his many contributions to drug delivery, including the development of controlled-release polymers, drug-delivering wafers and work on drug-eluting stents. Langer's work has been cited 170,000 times, and he has more than 1,000 patents or pending patents. "Conventional wisdom is not always right and to really invent things, to come up with ideas, you have to examine carefully the basis for that conventional wisdom, and a lot of inventions have come because people say, 'What I've read, isn't right'--and that's part of what we did," he said. "When I started doing a lot of this work in the 1970s, it probably was considered science fiction, in fact a lot of the people who reviewed our grants said we shouldn't get the funds because it was like fiction. But you keep pushing, you keep believing in your ideas and eventually they do become reality." Story