Developer of Botox lotion files for $58M IPO

New York City's Anterios is developing ANT-1207, a lotion containing the active ingredient of Botox (marketed by recently acquired Allergan) that can be applied on the skin via a 10-minute massage. Anterios recently filed for a $58 million IPO with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The company say its candidate is being studied for all the indications of the conventional, injectable Botox like excessive sweating and facial wrinkles, as well as new ones like acne. It believes the new formulation can expand the market for the drug by avoiding the complications of injection like bleeding and pain. In addition, the company is developing a liquid formulation of injectable Botox to avoid the need for reconstitution following freeze drying. Newly listed Revance Therapeutics ($RVNC) is also developing a topical formulation of Botox. The company is up 30% since its February market debut. More