Cynapsus releases clinical trial data about its sublingual thin-film strip for Parkinson's

Cynapsus Therapeutics touted the results of its Phase 2 clinical trial of its sublingual thin-film-strip formulation of apomorphine for the management of OFF motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease. "These preliminary data show that APL-130277 was able to convert patients from a severe OFF state in the morning to ON. In addition, treatment was associated with a 45% improvement in motor function based on the change in [Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale] part III from baseline. The mean dose needed to terminate the OFF episode was 18.4 mg. In addition, those patients achieving a response at higher doses appeared to adapt to the treatment, as seen by the lack of nausea at higher doses," said Dr. Albert Agro, chief medical officer of Cynapsus. Release