Capsugel launches Lipidex platform for greater oral stability, potency

Capsugel, continuing its recent expansion in the drug capsule manufacturing arena, this week launched its new platform Lipidex, which the company says offers greater stability and potency for oral drugs. Capsugel's Dosage Form Solutions (DFS) unit, created earlier this year, developed the platform for use with lipid, liquid and semisolid filling, according to a report from Also this year, Capsugel acquired Encap, another manufacturer of lipid-based products for highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients. Capsugel President Amit Patel said in a statement: "Our Lipidex technology platform provides tailored solutions for the many challenges our customers face, whether it's development of low solubility drugs in their pipeline, repositioning existing drugs for better therapeutic performance or rebranding them using innovative dosage forms." Report | Release