Canadian government funds Elanco genomics project

The Canadian government is pouring $56 million into 12 projects aimed at translating genomic discoveries into marketable products, including several in the animal health industry. The initiative, called Genome Canada's Genomic Applications Partnership Program (GAPP), aims to link up academic institutions with users of genomic research, including drug companies, nonprofit agencies, and government bodies.

In announcing the projects last week, Ed Holder, Canada's Minister of State for Science and Technology, called attention to a GAPP collaboration between Eli Lilly's ($LLY) Elanco Animal Health and Concordia University in Montreal. The partners will develop enzyme products meant to improve the digestion of animal feed given to swine and poultry. That will not only improve the health of the animals but also help conserve animal feed, according to a release from Genome Canada.

"This project complements Elanco's mission to help the global food chain deliver a safe, affordable and sufficient food supply," said Allan Boonstra, director of Elanco Animal Health, in the release. "We believe innovation in sustainable food production is one of the most important mechanisms to feeding a growing global population."

GAPP, which was launched in 2013, is also funding projects across a range of other industries, including aquaculture, forestry, and horticulture. The 12 projects announced last week constitute the first two rounds of a planned multiround funding endeavor. In total, GAPP has $90 million to invest, with $30 million coming from Genome Canada and the rest from outside investors.

- here's the release

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