Avanir's nasal delivery for migraines beats oral sumatriptan in PhIIIb

Avanir's and OptiNose's powder delivery devices with nosepiece and mouthpiece--Courtesy of OptiNose

Avanir Pharmaceuticals ($AVNR) touted positive results from a Phase III trial of its AVP-825 sumatriptan intranasal powder for migraines as compared with an oral formulation of the same treatment. "AVP-825 was designed to delivery sumatriptan powder deep into the nasal cavity where it can be readily and efficiently absorbed," Avanir chief medical officer Joao Siffert said in a statement. "These data show that AVP-825, an investigational product, can efficiently deliver sumatriptan and confers faster migraine headache relief at a lower dose than the most commonly utilized sumatriptan tablets." Avanir partnered with OptiNose last year for the latter's bidirectional inhaler technology. Release

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