At ASCO, unique delivery makes TDM-1 a standout

Genentech unveiled Phase III data on the blockbuster hopeful TDM-1 at ASCO in Chicago this week, and the cancer drug's positive results are in part due to its "smart bomb" delivery. The drug delayed tumor progression in advanced breast cancer patients by more than three months and reported higher survival rates than current treatment combinations. TDM-1 is a double-barreled treatment: Genentech took Herceptin, a breast cancer therapy, and paired it with a highly toxic chemotherapy that can't be delivered on its own. Using technology licensed from ImmunoGen, TDM-1 can keep the chemo under wraps until the Herceptin leads it to the targeted tumor, releasing the poison only when it's close enough not to harm nearby tissue. Genentech, a division of Roche ($RHHBY), is hoping these latest results will help it speed TDM-1 toward regulatory approval. Report | More