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Using AI and Technology to Streamline Post-Stroke Patient Journeys to Cardiology

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60 Minutes

Cardiologic complications are very common in stroke, requiring monitoring and sometimes immediate treatment.  Many patients however are lost to follow-up.

Join this session as a panel of experts discusses the realized benefits of using AI and communication tools to redefine the care pathway to detect stroke and streamline the patient journey to direct more patients for cardiology follow-up.  They will share recent experience and data on how the latest innovations and platforms are improving the cryptogenic stroke care pathway.

AI is a leapfrog technology in the field of healthcare that is improving how we detect, monitor, and direct patients to the right specialist for the right treatment.  AI-powered care coordination is improving health outcomes and tackling inequities by identifying patients earlier in their disease progression, and connecting patients to the right specialist. 


Jayme Strauss

Jayme Strauss, RN, MSN, MBA, SCRN

John Hsu

Jonathan Hsu, MD, MAS

Brett Meyer

Brett Meyer, MD

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60 Minutes