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Closing Neurology’s Data Gaps: Integrating Wearables and Decentralized, At-Home Studies to Transform Research and Care

60 minutes

Neurological conditions remain challenging to understand, diagnose, and treat due to non-specific symptoms, heterogeneous presentation and treatment response, and varying progression rates and trajectories.

Increasingly, wearable devices and decentralized, at-home studies are helping fill these gaps with longitudinal, objective digital measures and perspectives directly from individuals, leading to a better understanding of how individuals experience these conditions within the context of their daily life. 

In this webinar, industry experts share practical learnings in how they’re creating a more robust picture of their patients to:

  • Better characterize symptoms in the real world
  • Identify indicators for diagnosis and progression
  • Measure treatment effectiveness
  • Drive ROI across the organization



Jake Donoghue

Jake translates scientific innovation into clinical interventions. He completed his MD from Harvard Medical School and PhD in neuroscience from MIT, leading research into the effects of neuroactive compounds on brain network activity, and co-founded Beacon Biosignals in 2019. His published works span epilepsy, cognition and machine learning methods for quantifying pharmacological effects on neural activity.


Kathleen Villa

Kathleen has over 20 years of experience as a pharma industry health economist and health outcomes researcher. In addition to her background in Medical Affairs, Kathleen has expertise in observational research, health economic studies and modeling, survey research, patient-reported outcomes, strategic evidence generation planning, consulting, and digital health. She led health outcomes and evidence planning teams at Gilead Sciences, Evidation, Genentech and Jazz Pharmaceuticals. She earned her MS in Evaluative Clinical Sciences at Dartmouth College.


Nikki Marinsek

Nikki Marinsek leads a team of Analytics Engineers and Data Scientists at Evidation. While at Evidation, Nikki conducted research in partnership with Apple and Eli Lilly to develop measures of cognitive impairment using real-world data from consumer wearable devices. She earned a PhD in Dynamical Neuroscience from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she was an NSF Graduate Fellow, a UCSB Doctoral Scholar, and a Nobel Laureate Young Scientist.

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60 minutes