Amazon, seen as a pharma threat, may go after medical device and supply sales before it leaps into drugs, a new report suggests.

Launched for lung cancer awareness month in November, the “tALK+” (Talk Positive) campaign focuses on the ALK-positive form of lung cancer.

If recent numbers—and a new doctor survey—are any indication, Tesaro's Zejula has the lead in ovarian cancer. But that could change.

Merck and GSK are coping with hepatitis A vaccine shortages as the U.S. is experiencing deadly outbreaks.

Back in August, Novartis published findings from the phase 3 Cantos trial of Ilaris that weren't "fully compelling to payers."

The new digital Abilify is a breakthrough for Proteus Digital Health and its patient-tracking products, but not so much for Abilify's maker, Otsuka.

Novartis’ Cosentyx currently leads a crop of immunology meds from a who’s who of Big Pharma. And the company intends to keep it that way.

J&J dropped a lawsuit accusing Samsung Bioepis of infringing patents on Remicade, a $5 billion med that now faces biosimilar rivals.