Wyeth pulls cold remedies for kids

Here's a perfect example of the dose-related confusion that has pediatrics experts calling for action against cold meds for kids: More than a half dozen Wyeth products now on store shelves have dosage cups that lack the mark for a half-teaspoon. That's the proper amount for children 2 to 5. The Robitussin and Dimetapp products won't be on shelves for long, though. Wyeth is recalling them to replace their cups with an updated version.

Just three weeks ago, drug makers recalled cold and cough meds for kids under two. Then, an FDA advisory committee hashed over safety and efficacy of these remedies for kids under six--and finally concluded that they shouldn't be used. The agency is now deciding what comes next.

- take a look at this news release from Wyeth
- read the AP article

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