Wyeth gets European approval; Morphine recalled in Canada;

> Wyeth will soon begin marketing its injectable constipation drug, Relistor, in Europe, following approval by the European Medicines Agency. Report

> Canadians who use the prescription pain reliever morphine are being urged to stop taking Morphine SR in 15 mg, 30 mg and 60 mg dosages and some tablets contain more morphine that stated on the label. Report

> Novartis will finalize its purchase of Alcon common stock that Nestle currently owns following the companies' original agreement back in April, but Nestle will still own the majority--about 52 percent--of Alcon shares. Report

> Cardinal Health will consolidate its business into two operating and reporting segments to cut costs, leaving its network of pharmaceutical and medical product distribution centers and nuclear pharmacies as part of its Healthcare Supply Chain Services segment. Report

> Ark Therapeutics, which manufactures gene-based products, will be opening a new commercial manufacturing facility in Kuopio, Finland. Report

> RNA experts at UT Southwestern have advanced their research into the way synthetic strands of RNA can be used to control gene expression. Report

> Stanford University School of Medicine researchers say they have found a new molecule that kills kidney cancer cells. Report

> Dow Jones reviews Genentech's research push into small molecule therapies for cancer. That's all been part of the gradual blurring of the lines between biotech companies and their pharma brethren. Genentech report

> Just weeks after laying off more than half of its staff, the struggling Cambridge, MA-based Biopure said that it's been in talks with the FDA on identifying an acceptable population of patients for a new trial involving the controversial blood substitute Hemopure. Report

> MediGene placed a clinical hold on the trial of an experimental therapy for rheumatoid arthritis after a paid subject in the Phase I study--a healthy father of three--died unexpectedly in Scotland after suffering cardiac arrest. Report

And Finally.. Animal rights activists are taking their fight to the streets--targeting the homes of scientists involved in biomedical research. Homes have been vandalized and scientists threatened for their work involving animals in medical research. Report