While we are off for holiday weekend, cargo thieves are not

FiercePharma will not publish Monday because of the Memorial Day holiday, but remember, while most of us are taking a winding down, cargo thieves will be gearing up. The three-day Memorial Day weekend is one of the worst for cargo theft losses throughout the year, explains Dan Burges, senior director of intelligence for FreightWatch International.

Here is what he suggests:

For warehousing operations, ensure your security alarm systems are functioning properly. FreightWatch also recommends the following:

•   Treat all alarm trouble signals as an intrusion alarm
•   Do not rely on a backup (cellular/radio) system
•   If primary alarm fails, assign security officer to patrol facility exterior or have a member of management remain at the facility

For in-transit operations, FreightWatch recommends drivers remain vigilant and maintain communication with their dispatch when stopped at high-risk areas such as truck stops and rest areas. Loads should not be dropped or left unattended for any reason.

Have good holiday, and you will receive your next issue of FiercePharma on Tuesday.