What's Shire doing to support Vyvanse?

Are worries about Shire's Adderall successor justified? The Wall Street Journal Health Blog asked CEO-to-be Angus Russell (photo), who said that the company is hot on the sales trail in support of Vyvanse, which is already approved to treat ADHD in children and is up for FDA consideration for that use in adults. The company is hoping to market the med to adults by this summer, Russell said; though the FDA has said it would take action by April 28, he said, the agency hasn't even approved a new indication for an ADHD med without a round of questioning.

Meanwhile, Shire stock is down from its 52-week high last September as investors worry that doctors won't adopt Vyvanse fast enough to replace Adderall, which goes generic next year. And it's been bandied about as a takeover target for Pfizer. For Russell's view on that, you'll have to watch the video.

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