Weekly Sermo Survey Partnership

Notice the physician survey we ran in yesterday's FiercePharma just below this space? Readers can now expect the same exclusive insight into physician sentiments every Wednesday thanks to an innovative new partnership we've struck with Sermo.

Sermo is a community of 120,000 doctors spanning 68 specialties collaborating on cases and discussing drugs and devices online. That network can power significant insights, providing our readers with more premium-level content you've come to enjoy from Fierce.  

Yesterday we learned what doctors think about the decline in the availability of pharmaceutical sales reps. Did they increase their use of digital tools to find information on drugs and devices? Do they replace a visit from a sales rep? What information would they prefer to see from those reps?

Readers are encouraged to check out this week's full analysis. I'm surprised to learn the percentage of doctors who claimed digital tools saved them time--it wasn't what I expected.

We'll be tweeting the surveys a few times a week using the #sermosurvey hashtag, and once FiercePharma's Facebook and LinkedIn communities launch later this summer, readers are welcome to share and discuss each week's findings there, too.

We strive to be the first place you turn for pharmaceutical industry news. Have any feedback on how Fierce continues serving your needs as a reader? Email me or find me on twitter. Thanks for being part of the Fierce community! - Arsalan Arif, Publisher