VaxInnate’s Novel Recombinant Flu Vaccine Named a Top 10 Biopharma Project to Watch in 2011

CRANBURY, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- VaxInnate Corporation announced today that VAX125, its investigational prototype vaccine for seasonal flu, has been named one of the Top 10 Infectious Diseases Projects to Watch in 2011 by Elsevier Business Intelligence and the Windhover Conferences.

VAX125 was selected by an expert panel based on the vaccine’s potential to meet unmet medical needs, as well as its strong science, market potential, and opportunities for partnering.

Robert Becker, PhD, Vice President of Business Development, will make a presentation about VAX125 during Windhover’s Therapeutic Area Partnerships conference in Boston on Nov. 3rd.

"Elsevier Business Intelligence and the Windhover Conferences are respected for their savvy understanding of the biopharmaceutical industry, which makes their selection of VAX125 as a Top 10 project particularly gratifying," said Thomas Hofstaetter, PhD, President and CEO of VaxInnate. “We look forward to discussing VAX125 and the data supporting its potential to improve public health this week in Boston.”

About VAX125

Phase II data to date suggest that recombinant hemagglutinin (HA)-flagellin flu vaccines on the basis of VAX125 could be a new option for protecting the elderly against seasonal flu, capable of providing superior protection at doses much lower than those of a licensed high-dose flu vaccine that is indicated for adults aged 65 and older.

Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and public health community encourage the elderly to be vaccinated, studies show that older people are less responsive to standard flu vaccines than younger people. That’s because the body’s immune response steadily declines with age.

People aged 65 and above also suffer disproportionately from seasonal flu and its complications, including severe disease, hospitalization and death. With the first baby-boomers turning 65 in 2011 and the number of adults over age 65 exceeding 70 million people -- one in five Americans -- by 2030, the need is growing for a flu vaccine to protect the elderly.

VAX125 is the product of VaxInnate’s proprietary technology of genetically fusing vaccine antigens to the bacterial protein flagellin, a potent stimulator of the innate immune system. VAX125 is the H1 component of what would ultimately be a tri- or tetravalent seasonal flu vaccine.

About VaxInnate

VaxInnate is a privately-held biotechnology company in Cranbury, NJ that is pioneering breakthrough technology for use in developing novel and proprietary vaccines. VaxInnate’s proprietary technology -- based upon a combination of toll-like receptor-mediated (TLR) immune enhancement and recombinant bacterial production of vaccine antigen -- conveys significant speed, cost and volume advantages, making it capable of producing hundreds of millions of vaccine doses in weeks instead of months.

VaxInnate’s vaccines focus on infectious diseases, including seasonal and pandemic flu, malaria, dengue and yellow fever. VaxInnate has generated positive Phase I and Phase II clinical data for its first three vaccines, a universal flu vaccine and prototype seasonal and pandemic flu vaccines, the last two of which demonstrated superior efficacy in elderly subjects. For more information about VaxInnate, please visit


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