Vasella could go ... but he'll probably stay

Will he stay or will he go now? Novartis Chairman and CEO Daniel Vasella (photo) won't say, exactly. But he does downplay any rumors that he's on his way out the door now that he's appointed a potential successor.

As you know, Novartis tapped Joerg Reinhardt (photo), who'd been running the vaccines division, to be chief operating officer. And because Vasella has been criticized in the past for hanging onto the CEO post even though he's also chairman, some were speculating that Reinhardt's selection telegraphed his willingness to at least think about moving on.

But Vasella says he still loves coming to work. He says he has an "emotional connection" to Novartis and a "deep desire" for the company to succeed.

On the other hand, he won't rule out the idea of slipping off to new pastures. Some days at work are less than fantastic. And it's not like he's so unimaginative that he can't think of anything else he'd like to do.

So there you have it.

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