UCB's Cimzia app gets data boost

Will rheumatoid arthritis patients soon spell relief C-I-M-Z-I-A? The UCB drug, an anti-TNF biologic, got the FDA nod for Crohn's disease treatment in April, and an app for an arthritis indication is pending. At this week's rheumatology conference in Europe, researchers presented data showing that Cimzia added to methotrexate virtually stopped joint deterioration in its tracks--within 16 weeks of therapy, to be exact. Rheumatologists told Pharma Times that these were the quickest results of any RA drug regimen. Armed with this data, UCB will soon be pushing for an RA indication in Europe as well, company officials said.

This study closely follows news that UCB inked a deal with Otsuka Pharmaceuticals to commercialize and market Cimzia in Japan for Crohn's disease. The deal also covers UCB's epilepsy med Keppra.

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