Treximet awaits FDA approval; J&J file for approval of Xarelto;

> A new migraine drug called Treximet is waiting for FDA approval of its advertising and promotional materials, according to Pozen's CEO.  Report  

> Johnson & Johnson filed for regulatory approval of its blood thinner Xarelto today with the FDA in partnership with Bayer. Report

> Bapineuzumab, Wyeth's hope for an Alzheimer blockbuster, did not improve cognitive functioning in patients and might have some very serious side effects, making Wyeth's next steps questionable. Release | Report

> Standard and Poor today upgraded shares of Amgen due to higher-than-expected anemia drug sales, raising its 2008 EPS estimate to $4.35.  Report

> Electronic medical records continue to raise concerns for patient privacy advocates.  Report

> The Wall Street Journal reviews the slate of mid-stage therapies in clinical trials for obesity. While the market for new therapies is huge, the challenges involved in developing a therapy that's safe, effective and free of embarrassing side effects have been vexing for the R&D crowd. Report

> Celator Pharmaceuticals will be able to take a big step forward developing new cancer therapies after raising more than $22.5 million in a Series C. VC report

> It's been a long time since we've heard the words "love" and "Amgen" in one sentence, but that's the approach the Los Angeles Times took in covering Wall Street's enthusiastic response to D-mab's performance in a recent clinical trial. Report

> Fueled with $30 million from Florida's innovation incentive program, an MIT spin-off--Draper Laboratory--is ramping up plans to recruit about 165 R&D staffers at the University of South Florida in Tampa and St. Petersburg. Report

> In the wake of BIO's 2006 annual gathering in Chicago, a local biotech group formed Propel, an organization that mentors fledgling drug developers. Report

> Jay Tenenbaum wanted to do much more than help raise money for cancer research after his diagnosis for melanoma. He believes groups of patients like himself can advance new therapeutics that can save their lives. The multimillionaire created CollabRx with $2 million of his own money and is raising $3 million more. And Tenenbaum is hoping to create a group of "virtual" biotechs that can advance new research into life-saving therapies. Report

And Finally... If a mother is infected with HIV and lives in a poverty-stricken area, the decision of whether to breastfeed or to use formula is not as clear-cut as it might seem, and treatment options are challenging. Report.