Top Counterfeit Drugs Report

by George Miller and Eric Duggan

Drug counterfeiting has become a $200-billion business annually, according to the World Customs Organization. By some calculations, the counterfeiting trade has become more lucrative than the narcotics business. It's a global problem. The World Health Organization estimates that counterfeit drugs make up ten percent of the drug market worldwide. And experts say that solving it--or at least stemming the tide--requires the participation of both government and industry.

Counterfeiters will manufacture a product to resemble any type of drug. Medications for chronic conditions are most popular, from hypertensive drugs to diabetes medicines. Antibiotics, corticosteroids, drugs for erectile dysfunction, cancer drugs and antiretrovirals for HIV/AIDS are also among those most counterfeited. According to Pharmaceutical Security Institute, however, criminal organizations now target drugs in every therapeutic category. Click here to begin the report >>