Teva to become owner of P&G plant; Expert: Pharma not leveraging power of the Internet;

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> Teva Pharmaceuticals ($TEVA) will become the owner of a Procter & Gamble plant in North Carolina next month through a joint venture between the two companies. News

> Pharma is not leveraging the potential of the Internet, Jens Monsees said recently at the PharmaTimes Digital meeting. Among the problems Monsees sees is that pharma is stuck in the mind-set of sales reps and push marketing, when it should be considering pull marketing via the Internet. Report

> The Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand has hailed GlaxoSmithKline's ($GSK) decision not to pursue an appeal in the High Court over last month's District Court decision about a faulty Marevan (warfarin) recall. Story

> A pharmaceutical company from Eindhoven has been fined €45,000 (roughly $62,000) for paying neurologists €1,200 ($1,655) each to attend an "information afternoon" about the use of Botox in treating migraines. Botox is not licensed to treat migraine in the Netherlands. Article

> Raman spectroscopy is a key tool to distinguish genuine medicines from fakes, but Roche scientists have combined this with additional chemical profiling or chemometrics stages to provide additional data to help guide investigations and enforcement. News

> Angiotech Pharmaceuticals' William Hunter will no longer be serving as president and CEO. Thomas Bailey, the company's CFO, will hold those positions on an interim basis. In addition, Tammy Neske has been promoted to CBO, while Steven Bryant and Victor Diaz have each been promoted to the position of executive VP. Angiotech release

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> Start-up Dermira secures $42M A round, acquires Valocor Therapeutics. News

> Biogen's potential blockbuster MS pill impresses with full data release. Article

And Finally... Seattle researcher Stefan Kappe says mosquitoes are the deadliest creatures in the world. He has spent his working life trying to determine how the tiny malaria-carrying insect can inflict so much suffering, and what he and his team can do to stop it. Article