Teva, Kowa create generic company; Phillip Morris backs Medicago's vaccine;

> Jerusalem-based Teva and Tokyo-based Kowa are partnering to create a 50-50 generic drug company to leverage marketing, R&D manufacturing and distribution capabilities and to create growth in Japan. The goal is $1B in sales by 2015. Teva release

> More than half of all the data collected in safety and efficacy trials never see the light of day, according to a survey of the literature. And the absence of that clinical trial data amounts to "scientific misconduct" on the part of new drug developers. Report

> In a striking example of how new genetic insights can transform the drug development process, researchers announced that the heart drug bucindolol was able to reduce the risk of death for any cause among 38 percent of patients sharing a genetic variation when compared to a placebo arm. Report

> KaloBios Pharmaceuticals has pulled together a $20 million round to support its work developing therapeutic antibodies. KaloBios report

> The financial news remains positive for big pharma and little biotech, as analysts again have said that their deep pockets and necessary products will help them weather the financial storm. Report

> Canada's Medicago--which is making vaccines from tobacco--has earned a $16 million investment from tobacco giant Philip Morris. Philip Morris gains a 49.9 percent stake in the developer, along with a potential new use of tobacco that may save lives. Report

> Academic researchers, hospitals and biotech companies are frequently forced to bring in expensive legal help to lay the framework for joint cancer research projects. To remedy this, the Justice Department plans to come up with boilerplate study contracts. Report

> The World Stem Cell Summit is meeting in Madison, WI this week, and one of the chief topics of discussion is the future of clinical research in the field. Up to now, the stem cell research world has limited most of their work to animal models. Report

> The National Cancer Institute has come up with a set of six pathways that are intended to clarify and streamline the research process. The goal is to reduce the amount of money and time it takes to bring an experimental cancer therapy to the market. Report

And Finally... One pharmacy benefits management (PBM) organization, Prescription Solutions, is taking steps in the wake of the FDA's blockade of Ranbaxy generics to examine how the halt will affect the pharma supply chain, and to help mitigate confusion and minimize the negative affects of similar alerts in the future.  At the same time, Forbes names Ranbaxy "top loser" among declining benchmark equities. Report