Takeda Intends to Establish a Wholly Owned Subsidiary Operating in the Consumer Healthcare Business in Japan

Osaka, Japan, February 3, 2016 --- Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (TSE: 4502) today announced that it plans to spin off its Japan Consumer Healthcare Business Unit into a wholly owned subsidiary, Takeda Consumer Healthcare Company Limited (TCHC), in order to expand the business. After the establishment of the Takeda Consumer Healthcare Company, the Japan Consumer Healthcare business will be succeeded by TCHC via an absorption-type split. The new wholly-owned subsidiary is expected to start business in April 2017.

Takeda's Japan Consumer Healthcare business has been realizing sustained growth by focusing on over-the-counter medicines including Alinamin and Benza, and a health food named Midori no Shukan. Through this planned spin-off, the Takeda Consumer Healthcare Company will gain a more agile business model in the consumer healthcare market with a goal of accelerating growth by responding faster to changes in the market.

"Our consumer healthcare business in Japan remains important to Takeda, and we are committed to this business going forward," said Christophe Weber, President & CEO of Takeda. "The establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary will allow the Takeda Consumer Healthcare Company to accelerate its growth while helping consumers stay healthy."

Masashi Sugimoto, President, Japan Consumer Healthcare Business Unit of Takeda, added "Customers' needs for health are diversifying with the rise of their health consciousness and it is essential that they are met promptly in the future consumer healthcare market. The spinning-off will allow the business unit to respond rapidly to consumers' needs by taking advantage of various business opportunities. We will continue to contribute to the expectations of our customers to live longer and have healthier lives with brands such as Alinamin and Benza and, at the same time, aim to become a leading company in the consumer healthcare markets of the Asian region, focusing primarily on Japan. We will continue to contribute to Takeda's growth by accelerating the growth of the new company."

There is no impact from the establishment of the Takeda Consumer Healthcare Company on Takeda's consolidated financial statements for FY2015. Further details about the Takeda Consumer Healthcare Company and the absorption-type-split will be announced as soon as they are determined.

Overview of Takeda Consumer Healthcare Company Limited (Preliminary)
(1)    Company name Takeda Consumer Healthcare Company Limited
(2)    Location Osaka city, Osaka
(3)    Representative Masashi Sugimoto, Representative Director, President
(4)    Scope of business Manufacture and sales of pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, medical equipment, measuring instruments, cosmetics, food, beverages and food additives
(5)    Founding capital 10 million yen
(6)    Date of establishment April, 2016
(7)    Date businesses launched April, 2017
(8)    Number of shares issued 100 shares
(9)    Fiscal year end March 31
(10)  Major shareholders and ratio of shares held Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited                  100%

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