Survey says: Nissen or Rost for FDA Commish

Steven Nissen (photo) may be on Big Pharma's short list for the least desirable candidate for  FDA Commissioner, but many apparently think its critics like him who should be at the top of the list. That's according to a survey conducted by Pharma Marketing News. Nearly 500 respondents weighed in with their picks for who should be nominated as FDA Commissioner. The survey asked for opinions for 10 potentials usually mentioned in the media. Peter Rost took first place, Steven Nissen came in at second, with Susan Wood in third. Janet Woodcock and Robert Califf tied for fourth place.

Survey respondents included pharma industry execs and staff, agents and vendors to the industry, healthcare professionals, government staff and readers from the general public. Interestingly, although Rost was favored overall, Nissen was favored among US respondents. But broken down by industry, the results showed that Pharma in particular favored FDA insiders Woodcock and David Kessler, while healthcare professionals supported Nissen and the general public preferred Rost.

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