Study: Lilly bone drug boosts fracture-healing

A new study could eventually boost Eli Lilly's osteoporosis drug Forteo. Researchers found that the bone med can jump-start healing of problematic fractures, making elderly patients' bones mend as if they were young again.

In a study of 145 patients with fractures that had gone unhealed for six months or more, 93 percent saw "significant healing" and pain control after eight to 12 weeks of Forteo therapy, according to a release. That study prompted an NIH-funded follow-up which is now underway--and researchers say their preliminary data appears to support Forteo's ablity to help stubborn fractures heal.

Some doctors are already using Forteo off-label to speed fracture-mending, researchers said. But if research proves that it's effective for hard-to-heal breaks such as pelvic fractures and spinal fractures, it could be adopted more broadly.

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