Statement - ABPI response to AstraZeneca restructuring initiatives

Statement - ABPI response to AstraZeneca restructuring initiatives

There has been concern from certain areas of the media that AstraZeneca's announcement of its new restructuring initiatives is a sign that the UK industry is at risk - this is not the case.
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The AstraZeneca announcement is due to global restructuring designed to improve productivity and strengthen the company's commercial, operations and research and development capabilities. AstraZeneca has a long history of investment as a big employer and contributor to the economy as well as the progress of innovation in life sciences. That will continue.

The industry has modernised in recent years - we have moved beyond purchaser and seller transactional relationships to a more integrated partnership model. Innovative research companies large, medium and small are working closer together, just as industry is partnering more closely with the NHS, charities and academia.

The industry has had to modernise, and the Government has proven supportive of the innovative research sector and continues to encourage investment and growth in the life sciences sector. The UK remains a global leader in science and healthcare and huge levels of R&D investment continue to take place.

The government needs to continue do all it can to incentivise investment - recent initiatives like the patent box have been positive, but they must follow through on the promises made in the Autumn Package. The government will need to reward innovation by designing a pricing scheme that values innovation and encourages R&D to take place in the UK.


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