State-of-the-art Ambulatory Treatment Facility Provides Wide Range of Infusion Therapies

PLYMOUTH, Minn., June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Midwest Infusion Center expanded from its previous space at West Health by opening a new infusion center at the City Center Professional Building in Plymouth for patients receiving infusion therapy.

Midwest Infusion Center is a unique treatment center designed for patients to receive complex therapies in a safe, comfortable and non-clinical setting. The team, staffed with physicians and registered nurses who are experts in infusion therapy, works together with referring physicians to ensure all medications are delivered safely, affordably and efficiently. The nurses also provide education for patients so they may safely administer treatments at home when appropriate.

"The Infusion Center was designed for patients to receive therapy in a comfortable caring environment since many patients, children and adults, spend 4-6 hours at a time or longer receiving therapy, usually every 3 weeks," said Lori Kamin, RN.

One priority in constructing the new center was patient comfort. The center was built based on a "spa-like" feel featuring warm and inviting decor, textured walls, a free standing waterfall, and tropical trees. While undergoing treatment patients sink into luxurious leather recliners and others engage in conversation at a game table.  Patients can also draw adjustable curtains for privacy, if they choose. Additional helpful amenities include personal televisions, computers, and a snack bar with complimentary refreshments.

One patient said, "I feel blessed to come to this center.  I used to go elsewhere ... but this is so much more comfortable.  I've met new friends and the staff is confident, supportive and they treat me like family."

Therapies include, but are not limited to: Immunoglobulin (IVIG and subcutaneous IG), Reclast, Aredia, Zemaira, Prolastin, Intravenous Iron, Intravenous Steroids, Xolair, Tysabri, Rituxan, Remicade, Orencia and other intravenously delivered treatments.

Ralph Shapiro MD, Midwest Infusion Center's medical director, stated, "We are proud to offer patients a way to maintain their health rather than be immersed in their disease."

Midwest Infusion Center is located at 15700 37th Avenue N, and is currently scheduling appointments Monday through Friday.

Midwest Infusion Center does more than treat a disease. We care for people with chronic medical conditions, striving to meet both physical and emotional needs. Through comprehensive programs and services, we support our patients and those who care for them. For more information, and a virtual tour, visit or call 763-577-0008.

SOURCE Midwest Immunology Clinic & Midwest Infusion Center