SDI Releases Company Image 2011: Pfizer and Bayer Rank 1st and 2nd with OB/GYNs

Merck Falls Two Places to Third

PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- According to SDI’s Pharmaceutical Company Image 2011 study, obstetricians/gynecologists ranked Pfizer No. 1 overall. Forty percent of the 325 participating OB/GYNs reported that Pfizer was one of the three companies they held in highest esteem. In the 2010 study, Pfizer placed second.

Bayer nearly captured the top spot, with 40% of respondents also naming the company; Bayer had just one less mention than Pfizer. In 2010, Bayer ranked fourth, with 30% of OB/GYNs considering it a top company.

Merck, last year’s leader, dropped to third. In 2011, 38% of OB/GYNs reported that Merck was a top company, down from 43% in 2010.

Warner Chilcott, which ranked fourth, called on OB/GYNs more than any other corporation during the 12 months that ended April 2011, accounting for 13% of sales representative calls to these specialists. Bayer made the second-most calls to OB/GYNs, accounting for almost 12% of the total. Teva, Pfizer, and Merck followed with 7%, 7%, and 5% of OB/GYN sales calls, respectively.

“Bayer’s improved standing is impressive, particularly over only 1 year’s time,” said Jason Fox, associate director of SDI’s Syndicated Analytics group. “The company’s reps have increased their presence among OB/GYNs and must be making a positive impression.”

Compared with the previous 12 months, Bayer sales calls to OB/GYNs rose 19% in the year that ended April 2011. Bayer sales representatives were most likely to discuss Beyaz or Natazia – two newer contraceptives – or Yaz during their visits with OB/GYNs. Beyaz was discussed during 30% of Bayer’s product details to OB/GYNs, Natazia during 24%, and Yaz during 19%.

As a whole, physicians’ perception of the pharmaceutical industry improved in 2011, with 58% reporting a somewhat positive or extremely positive overall impression; up 2 percentage points from 2010. This is the first time since 2004 that the percentage of physicians reporting a positive impression increased.

Pharmaceutical Company Image 2011, a comprehensive analysis of pharmaceutical company and industry image as perceived by key healthcare audiences, surveyed more than 9,800 participants in March and April 2011, including physicians from 27 specialties, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, managed care executives, and consumers, regarding their opinions of the pharmaceutical industry and industry trends.

The 2011 version represents the 12th edition of this landmark study, which enables market researchers and brand management to:

  • Evaluate a company's image relative to market success and increases in prescribing.
  • Validate corporate initiatives to promote overall company image.
  • Understand the importance of company attributes among key customers.
  • Identify whether direct-to-consumer advertising drives perceptions of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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