Sanofi Returns to Growth in Q4 2013

Sanofi Returns to Growth in Q4 2013

Commenting on the Group's performance in Q4 2013, Sanofi Chief Executive Officer, Christopher A. Viehbacher said,
"Sanofi's growth profile emerged in Q4 2013 with total sales growing 6.5% at CER and growth platforms(3), which represented
72.9% of sales, increasing 10.0% at CER. Furthermore, new product launches are underway or imminent in most of Sanofi's core
businesses and several high potential R&D projects progressed in 2013, including alirocumab, sarilumab and U300."
Q4 2013 and 2013 Performance
 Sales increased 6.5%(4) in Q4 2013. In 2013, total sales were stable (-0.5%) at €32,951 million.
 Growth platforms(3) increased 10.0% in Q4 2013. In 2013, sales from growth platforms reached €23,905 million (+6.6%) and
accounted for 72.5% of total sales.
 In Q4 2013, Emerging Markets(5) sales recorded double digit growth (+10.4%). In 2013, Emerging Markets sales were
€10,957 million, an increase of 4.4% (+7.1% excluding Brazil generics).
 Diabetes sales were up 19.0% in Q4 2013. Diabetes recorded strong double digit growth (+18.7%) to €6,568 million in 2013
driven by the performance of Lantus®
(+20.0% to €5,715 million).
 Vaccines sales were stable in Q4 2013 as supply improved for Pentacel®
and Adacel® in the U.S. from mid-October. In
2013, Vaccines sales were stable at €3,716 million as record flu vaccines sales offset U.S. supply constraints on Pentacel®
and Adacel®
 CHC sales were up 6.1% in Q4 2013. Sales of Consumer Healthcare exceeded €3 billion in 2013, an increase of +5.2%.
 Genzyme recorded a robust performance in Q4 2013 with sales up 31.4%. In 2013, Genzyme recorded sales of
€2,142 million, up 25.9% driven by 16.6% growth of the rare disease franchise and by Aubagio®
(€166 million).
 Animal Health sales were down 6.3% in Q4 2013. Sales of Animal Health decreased 5.3% to €1,985 million in 2013
reflecting increased competition to Frontline®
. Broadline™, a unique product in the fight against internal and external
parasites for cats, was approved in the EU in December.
 In Q4 2013, business EPS(1) was €1.37 (+ 30.8% at CER). 2013 business EPS was €5.05 (-9.8% at CER).
 Board proposes dividend of €2.80.
R&D Update
 In Q4 2013, positive top line results in Phase III trials for U300 (EDITION III, IV and EDITION JP I) and for sarilumab
(SARIL-RA-MOBILITY) were announced. The Phase III program for the Fixed-Ratio combination of Lantus®
recently initiated.
 The FDA accepted the New Drug Application of Cerdelga™ (eliglustat) for review and granted it a Priority Review
2014 Guidance
 The continued performance of growth platforms, investments in new product launches and in late-stage pipeline should lead
to a 2014 business EPS(1) growth between 4% and 7% at CER, barring major unforeseen adverse events.

(1) See Appendix 8 for definitions of financial indicators; (2) Including impact of transition to IAS 19R; (3) See page 2; (4) Growth in net sales is expressed at constant
exchange rates (CER) unless otherwise indicated (see Appendix 8 for a definition); (5) See definition on page 7;

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