Rottenstein Law Group Cautiously Optimistic About New Utility of Embattled Fosamax

NEW YORK, Aug. 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Rottenstein Law Group, which represents clients with claims of harm resulting from use of the drug Fosamax, notes with commingled optimism and circumspection a new report that some troubled drugs, including Fosamax, might aid in the treatment of certain cancers.

According to a recent Reuters report, a new study "adds to evidence that bone drugs may play a role in suppressing cancer development, although there is still no proof that taking the medications would stave off malignancies."

The drugs, called bisphosphonates, the report continued, "have generated both good and bad headlines recently. Some work has linked them to fewer cases of cancer, while other research has found an increased risk of certain thigh fractures and serious jaw problems among women who take the drugs to treat the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis. Bone drugs on the market include Merck's Fosamax, Roche's Boniva, Novartis's Reclast and Warner Chilcott's Actonel."

In the new study, Reuters reported, researchers found that women on Actonel "were only half as likely to be diagnosed with colon cancer as those who'd gotten just one prescription for the drug or none at all. 'At this point, I think people who are already taking the drug can be reassured,' Dr. Harminder Singh, who worked on the study, told Reuters Health. But he added that it's too soon to think about taking Actonel to prevent cancer." 

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a Fosamax warning in October 2010, stating that the drug, among other bisphosphonates, causes atypical low-impact femur fractures. Subsequently, numerous lawsuits were filed against the manufacturer in various federal courts. The suits allege, among other things, that Merck inadequately tested the drug and then failed to warn users of its dangers.

The Rottenstein Law Group urges anyone whose friend or relative has been prescribed Fosamax or another osteoporosis drug to reach out to that person and recommend that he or she consult a physician immediately and then speak to a qualified personal injury lawyer. The Rottenstein Law Group maintains a Fosamax Lawsuit Information Center at The site has features that allow for easy sharing, including links for automatic posting on Facebook and Twitter, specifically to enable visitors to spread the word about the dangers of Fosamax.


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