Roche drug wins EU nod for stomach cancer use; GSK recalls bloodthinner;

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> Roche's cancer drug Herceptin has gained E.U. backing for patients with HER2-positive advanced stomach cancer. Report

> GlaxoSmithKline is recalling the blood-thinning drug Marevan in New Zealand because tablets may contain more warfarin than they should. Report

> A Kentucky judge has ruled that AstraZeneca must pay a $5.3 million civil penalty for violating the state's Consumer Protection Act. Report

> Doctors said infants with a rare immune deficiency can be sickened with a gastrointestinal illness after being vaccinated with a rotavirus vaccine. Report

> A widely used class of antidepressants can cause delayed lactation in new mothers, which means they may need additional support in order to breast-feed their babies, a new study says. Report

> The California case of a mother who says her 7-year old daughter died from a reaction to Botox treatments for cerebral palsy is believed to be the first case alleging a fatal reaction to the drug to reach the trial phase. Report

> Roche was slammed by non-governmental organizations in Davos for supporting China's "unethical transplantation practices." Report

Biotech News

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> If you dig into AstraZeneca's restructuring announcement this morning, you'll find that the pharma company plans to carve a billion dollars out of its R&D budget between now and 2014. Story

> Otsuka Holdings, Japan's largest unlisted drug company by sales, is weighing an initial public offering and may hire Nomura Holdings and UBS as underwriters, bankers familiar with the situation say. Report

> Alnara Pharmaceuticals has assembled the financing it needs to push its lead product--liprotamase, an enzyme replacement therapy for cystic fibrosis patients--through an NDA this quarter and on to commercialization. Report

> TheStreet's Adam Feuerstein offers a compelling look at the fate that awaits Medivation (MDVN) and anyone bold enough to invest in its stock right now. Story 

Vaccines News

> Each year, more than half a million children around the world die from rotavirus infection--more than half of them in sub-Saharan Africa. But now two new studies conclude that a widespread vaccination campaign in developing countries could save most of their lives. Report

> The four finalists for an $88 million project to build a new facility in Canada to produce an HIV vaccine say the government has left them in the dark about the reasons why no one has been selected as a winning bidder. Story

> Metastatic prostate cancer patients who received a vaccine of poxviruses engineered to spur an immune system attack on prostate tumor cells lived more than eight months longer those receiving a placebo, according to researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Report

> The departing CEO of Novartis has a word of warning for countries that are clamoring to cancel huge shipments of swine flu vaccine: Keep up your end of the bargain today, he says, or expect some significant trouble laying your hands on vaccine supplies the next time you find yourself facing a pandemic. Story

> The NIH has been supporting the research work of a scientist at the University of Central Florida who's been developing a low-cost, dual vaccine for malaria and cholera using genetically engineered tobacco and lettuce plants. Report

And Finally... Two antibiotics working together might be more effective in fighting deadly staph infections than either drug on its own, researchers found. Report