Roche aims for cancer test to target Tarceva; Diabetes to cost U.S. $3.35T by 2020;

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> Roche has obtained a global license from U.S. biotech group Genzyme to develop a test for lung cancer cell mutations as a way to better target treatment with its drug Tarceva. Report

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> More than half of Americans will have diabetes or be prediabetic by 2020 at a cost to the U.S. health care system of $3.35 trillion if current trends go on unabated, according to analysis of a new report from UnitedHealth. News

> PhRMA spent $5.2 million on lobbying expenses in the third quarter as it sought to influence the U.S. government on healthcare legislation, drug reimportation and other issues. Article

> The Generic Pharmaceutical Association spent around $373,000 in the third quarter on lobbying Congress and federal agencies about implementing healthcare reform and other issues. Story

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> GW Pharmaceuticals' profits rose sharply following the successful launch of its cannabis-derived drug Sativex in Britain, and it said it had started final-stage trials of the medicine to treat cancer pain. Item

> Any increase in Ireland's corporation tax rate as part of a financial bailout could hurt the country's rapidly expanding pharmaceutical industry, currently its largest contributor to corporation tax. Report

> Pfizer said it has extended the expiration date of its tender offer to acquire King Pharmaceuticals for $14.25 per share until December 17. Article

Biotech News

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> Vertex scrambles for quick OK of blockbuster telaprevir app. News

> Tiny Clarus Therapeutics gambles on an $86M IPO. Report

> Galleon Pharma lands $10M for sleep apnea program. Item

> Uphill climb gets even steeper for biotech IPOs. Story

Biotech Research News

> Researchers discovering the mechanics of fat. Article 

> Depression, diabetes go hand-in-hand. Item 

> Tiny spinal implant helps paraplegics exercise. Report

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> Burkina Faso first to receive African meningitis vax. Story 

> Immunovaccine to focus on ovarian cancer. Item 

> Medicare panel backs Provenge. Report 

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> Judge rules against Baxter in heparin case. Story

> Pharma turning tide against cargo thieves. News

> Counterfeiter gets one year in jail. Item

And Finally... H5N1 bird flu may have fallen off the public radar, but cases show it's still a threat. Report