Results from our reader survey

Publisher's Note

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who took the time to respond to the reader survey we launched two weeks ago. In general, you are happy with the direction of FiercePharma. The team here is pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response, compliments, and comments.

We are, however, equally grateful for the constructive comments and feedback. In particular, we heard the feedback on overlaps with FierceBiotech and concerns about editorial tone. We'll continue to work to make FiercePharma a trusted resource for daily news.

Here's a bit more about the readership and your views:

  • 77 percent rated FiercePharma four stars or above (on a scale of one to five)
  • 80 percent of you are in North America (but want news from Europe and Asia!)
  • Almost 70 percent of you have advanced degrees
  • 65 percent make purchasing decisions
  • 64 percent supervise others
  • The potential webinar on Personalize Medicine was the most popular topic with Trends in Venture Capital close behind.

Finally, a number of you asked about opportunities to interact with others in the Fierce community. Based on this feedback, we are tentatively planning networking events at next year's DIA and BIO conferences. If you have any interest or thoughts about this idea, please let us know in the comment section of this site.

Thanks again for your feedback.


Sean Griffey
Publisher, FiercePharma

P.S. Remember to send your story ideas and news to our editors--Maureen Martino and Tracy Staton. Sponsorship inquires should be directed to Arsalan Arif.