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Global Multiple Sclerosis Drug Market 2010-2025

High therapeutic demands and technological challenges, with significant market potential

The multiple sclerosis (MS) treatments market is one of the largest for CNS disorders, with total pharmaceutical revenues of over $8bn in 2009. Revenues for MS treatments will rise significantly from 2010 to 2025, our new study reveals. Rising disease prevalence, expanding patient populations, technological advances and widening healthcare provision for MS will drive the market upwards. In Global Multiple Sclerosis Drug Market 2010-2025 we analyse and explain trends in this market, providing sales forecasts and other core analyses that you require. Our report explains why the market will expand, revealing where the most-exciting developments will lie.

Which multiple sclerosis products will lead the market from 2010 onwards? Where will the best commercial opportunities lie in future years? What are the most-promising R&D pipeline developments? What are the most-crucial drivers and restraints for the treatment of MS? This report will help you to understand current trends and future opportunities in this industry and market. In particular, our new report covers leading products in depth, focussing on both commercial and therapeutic prospects from 2010 to 2025:

  • Copaxone
  • Avonex
  • Rebif
  • Betaferon
  • Tysabri.

Comprehensive analysis of the global multiple sclerosis drug market

Global Multiple Sclerosis Drug Market 2010-2025 critically examines that sector through a comprehensive review of information sources. We harness both primary and secondary research. This report provides unique sales forecasts, market share analyses, discussions of pipeline developments and analyses of commercial drivers and restraints, including a SWOT analysis. There are over 45 tables and figures included, as well as three original interviews with relevant experts. The result is a comprehensive market- and industry-centred study, with detailed analyses to benefit your work.

Why you should buy Global Multiple Sclerosis Drug Market 2010-2025

Our report will provide you with the following benefits in particular:

  • You will assess the current market for multiple sclerosis drugs, with informed discussions
  • You will analyse the future MS drugs market, including a global sales forecast from 2010 to 2025, with informed discussions
  • You will receive sales forecasts for the leading MS drugs from 2010 to 2025, with detailed supporting information
  • You will receive sales forecasts for leading national markets from 2010 to 2025 (US, Japan, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, India and China), with geographical market characteristics discussed
  • You will examine the leading companies in this market and their future outlook
  • You will examine commercial drivers and restraints in depth
  • You will discover the most-exciting R&D developments in this sector
  • You will read expert opinions from our original survey, with full interview transcripts provided.

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Nobody with an interest in the multiple sclerosis treatments market should overlook our new study. We predict that there will be dynamic changes within this market area from 2010 onwards. The scope for therapeutic and commercial advances in MS treatment is great. Our report provides essential information to help you take advantage of the MS therapeutics market. Do you want to harness those opportunities? You can stay ahead by ordering this report today.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

1.1 Multiple Sclerosis Market Review

1.2 Aims, Scope and Format of the Report

2. Introduction to Multiple Sclerosis

2.1 The Biology of MS

2.2 The Disease

2.2.1 Symptoms of MS

2.2.2 Diagnosis of MS

2.3 Measuring MS

2.3.1 The Kurtzke Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS)

2.4 The Different Types of MS

2.4.1 Relapsing-Remitting MS

2.4.2 Secondary Progressive MS

2.4.3 Progressive Relapsing MS

2.4.4 Primary Progressive MS

2.4.5 Other Atypical Presentations

2.5 Causational Factors for MS

2.5.1 Genetic Factors

2.5.2 Infection

2.5.3 Environmental Factors and Less Supported Theories

2.6 World Demographics and Economic Costs of MS

2.7 Treatment Options

2.7.1 Alternative Treatments

2.7.2 Medical Approaches

2.8 Pharmacotherapy

2.8.1 Treatment of Acute Symptomatic Attack

2.8.2 Disease-Modifying Treatments

3. The Global Market for MS Drugs, 2010-2025

3.1 MS Drug Market Analysis

3.1.1 The Impact of Oral MS Products on the MS Market

3.2 Copaxone: Leading Drug in the MS Market in 2009

3.2.1 Copaxone Will Benefit from Label Extension

3.2.2 Will Patent Threats Decrease Copaxone Revenues?

3.3 Avonex

3.3.1 Avonex Market Forecast, 2010-2025

3.3.2 Avonex Faces Competition from Newer MS Drugs

3.4 Rebif

3.4.1 Rebif Sales Forecast, 2010-2015

3.4.2 Rebif Long-Term Forecast, 2015-2025

3.5 Betaferon

3.5.1 How Will Patent Expiry Affect Betaferon Sales, 2010-2015?

3.5.2 Betaferon Long-Term Forecast, 2015-2025

3.6 Tysabri

3.6.1 Will Safety Concerns Affect Tysabri Sales?

3.7 Comparison of the Leading MS Drugs

3.8 Multiple Sclerosis Market Summary

4. MS Drugs: Leading National Markets, 2010-2025

4.1 MS Drugs in Nine Major Markets, 2009

4.2 Leading MS Markets: Sales Forecasts, 2010-2025

4.3 The MS Market in the US – Sales Prospects

4.3.1 US Market Drivers

4.3.2 US Market Restraints

4.4 The MS Market in Germany – Sales Prospects

4.5 The MS Market in Japan – Sales Prospects

4.6 The MS Market in France – Sales Prospects

4.7 The MS Market in Italy – Sales Prospects

4.8 The MS Market in Spain – Sales Prospects

4.9 The MS Market in the UK – Sales Prospects

4.10 The MS Market in China – Sales Prospects

4.11 The MS Market in India – Sales Prospects

5. An Analysis of Factors that Influence the MS Market

5.1 SWOT Analysis of the MS Market, 2010

5.2 Market Drivers

5.3 Market Restraints

5.4 The MS Market Has Opportunities for Continuing Growth

5.5 Oral MS Drugs Will Provide More-Accessible Treatment Options

5.6 Advances in Technology are Likely to Bring Benefits to Patients and the Market

5.7 Comparative Studies

5.8 Important Patient Sub-Populations: Potential for Companies to Increase Market Leverage Through Product Differentiation

5.9 Concerns Over the High Price of Treatments

5.10 Generic MS Drugs: How Great is their Threat?

5.11 Improving Safety and Tolerability of MS Drugs

6. Leading Companies in MS Therapy Development

6.1 Key Companies Delivering MS Therapies

6.2 Biogen Idec Leads the MS Market Currently

6.3 Biogen Idec and Elan Pharmaceuticals

6.4 Teva and Sanofi-Aventis

6.5 Merck KGaA

6.6 Bayer

7. Pipeline Drugs for MS

7.1 MS Pipeline Drugs

7.2 The Potential Treatment Options in MS

7.2.1 Reducing Inflammatory Responses

7.2.2 Managing Autoimmune Responses

7.2.3 Manipulating the Permeability of the Blood-Brain Barrier

7.2.4 Inhibiting Demyelination

7.2.5 Protection Axons from Damage

7.2.6 Encouraging Remyelination

7.3 Drugs that Regulate Immune Response

7.3.1 Fingolimod (FTY720)

7.3.2 Cladribine (Oral Formulation)

7.4 Other Drugs that Manage Immune Activity

7.4.1 Teriflunomide

7.4.2 Laquinimod

7.5 Drugs that Reduce Inflammation

7.5.1 Oral Dimethyl Fumerate

7.6 MS Vaccines

7.6.1 Tovaxin

7.6.2 BHT-3009

7.7 Cannabis-Based Treatment for MS?

7.8 An Oral Drug Revolution in MS Treatment?

7.9 MS Pipeline Shows Short- and Long-Term Potential

7.10 The Future of MS Treatment - Other Potential Therapies

7.10.1 Stem Cell Investigations

7.10.2 Thyroid Hormone

8. Expert Opinion on MS Treatment

8.1 Interview with Dr Karen M. Stockl

8.1.1 Improving Self-Management of MS

8.1.2 The Impact and Benefits of DTM Programmes

8.1.3 Improving Medication Adherence in MS Patients

8.1.4 Impact of Oral MS Medications

8.2 Interview with Dr Johan Luthman

8.2.1 On Understanding the Disease and its Treatments

8.2.2 On Unmet Needs for Treatments

8.2.3 On Current Treatment Options

8.2.4 On Medical Marijuana Use

8.2.5 On Oral Drugs

8.2.6 On Future Treatment Possibilities

8.3 Second Interview with Dr Johan Luthman, Specifically Concerning Stem Cell Potential

8.3.1 On Stem Cell Media Coverage

8.3.2 On the Therapeutic and Curative Potential of Stem Cells for Neurological Disorders

8.3.3 On the Treatment of Neurological Disorders

8.3.4 On Stem Cell Treatment of MS: Viability, Curative Power, Treatment Strategy and Results

8.3.5 On the Time Frame for Marketable Stem Cell Treatment Options

9. Conclusions

9.1 The MS Market Will See Continued Growth

9.2 Scope for Oral MS Drugs to Enter the Market

9.3 Leading Companies in the MS Market

9.4 Market Drivers

9.5 Market Restraints

9.6 MS Drug Market – Summing Up Prospects

List of Tables

Table 2.1 The Kurtzke Expanded Disability Scale (EDSS)

Table 3.1 The Global Market for MS Drugs: Product and Total Sales, 2010-2017

Table 3.2 The Global Market for MS Drugs: Product and Total Sales, 2018-2025

Table 3.3 Copaxone: Sales Forecast, 2010-2017

Table 3.4 Copaxone: Sales Forecast, 2018-2025

Table 3.5 Avonex: Sales Forecast, 2010-2017

Table 3.6 Avonex: Sales Forecast, 2018-2025

Table 3.7 Rebif: Sales Forecast, 2010-2017

Table 3.8 Rebif: Sales Forecast, 2018-2025

Table 3.9 Betaferon: Sales Forecast, 2010-2017

Table 3.10 Betaferon: Sales Forecast, 2018-2025

Table 3.11 Tysabri: Sales Forecast, 2010-2017

Table 3.12 Tysabri: Sales Forecast, 2018-2025

Table 3.13 Leading MS Drugs: Market Shares, 2009, 2015 and 2025

Table 3.14 Top-Five MS Products: Rank Comparisons, 2009, 2015 and 2025

Table 4.1 Leading MS Markets by Country: Sales and Market Shares, 2009

Table 4.2 Leading MS Market Forecasts by Country: Sales Forecasts, 2010-2017

Table 4.3 Leading MS Market Forecasts by Country: Sales Forecasts, 2018-2025

Table 5.1 SWOT Analysis for the Global MS Market, 2010

Table 6.1 Top-Five Companies in the MS Market: Sales and Market Shares, 2009

Table 7.1 MS Pipeline Drugs Phase II and Above, 2010

List of Figures

Figure 3.1 The Global Market for MS Drugs: Total Sales, 2010-2025

Figure 3.2 Copaxone: Sales Forecast, 2010-2025

Figure 3.3 Avonex: Sales Forecast, 2010-2025

Figure 3.4 Rebif: Sales Forecast, 2010-2025

Figure 3.5 Betaferon: Sales Forecast, 2010-2025

Figure 3.6 Tysabri: Sales Forecast, 2010-2025

Figure 3.7 Leading MS Drugs: Market Shares, 2009

Figure 3.8 Leading MS Drugs: Market Shares, 2015

Figure 3.9 Leading MS Drugs: Market Shares, 2025

Figure 3.10 Leading MS Drugs: Sales Forecasts, 2010-2025

Figure 4.1 MS Market Shares by Country, 2009

Figure 4.2 Leading MS Country Markets: Sales Forecasts, 2010-2025

Figure 4.3 MS Market Shares by Country, 2015

Figure 4.4 MS Market Shares by Country, 2020

Figure 4.5 MS Market Shares by Country, 2025

Figure 4.6 The US MS Market: Sales Forecast, 2010-2025

Figure 4.7 The German MS Market: Sales Forecast, 2010-2025

Figure 4.8 The Japanese MS Market: Sales Forecast, 2010-2025

Figure 4.9 The French MS Market: Sales Forecast, 2010-2025

Figure 4.10 The Italian MS Market: Sales Forecast, 2010-2025

Figure 4.11 The Spanish MS Market: Sales Forecast, 2010-2025

Figure 4.12 The UK MS Market: Sales Forecast, 2010-2025

Figure 4.13 The Chinese MS Market: Sales Forecast, 2010-2025

Figure 4.14 The Indian MS Market: Sales Forecast, 2010-2025

Figure 6.1 Top-Five MS Companies: Market Shares, 2009

Companies Listed


Active Biotech

Aegera Therapeutics

Amarin Corporation





Asphelia Pharmaceuticals


Bayhill Therapeutics

Berlex Laboratories

Biogen Idec


Bristol-Myers Squibb


Cell Therapeutics

Cervelo Pharmaceuticals


Elan Pharmaceuticals

Eli Lilly

Enceladus Pharmaceuticals

Endo Pharmaceuticals



Genzyme Corporation


GW Pharmaceuticals

Idera Pharmaceuticals




Merck KGaA

Merck Serono

Millennium Pharmaceuticals

Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation

Momenta Pharmaceuticals



Natco Pharma


Nutra Pharma

Opexa Therapeutics

Orchestra Therapeutics


Prescription Solutions


Rentschler Biotechnologie



Schering Plough

Sandoz (a division of Novartis)


Takeda Pharmaceutical Company

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries


Trubion Pharmaceuticals 

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