Pharmaceutical Distribution's Priorities for Changing with the Supply Chain

Pharmaceutical Distribution's Priorities for Changing with the Supply Chain
Jun. 7, 2011 (Business Wire) - The only way for pharmaceutical companies to cut costs is by changing and optimizing their pharmaceutical distribution system, where everyone, manufacturer to pharmacist, is battling for control. With increased global transportation to emerging markets, pharmaceutical distribution also faces customs issues that are contributing to delays and inconsistencies in the transportation of biologics agents. To further complicate this matter, it is difficult to keep up with changing regulations from TSA, IATA, FA, FDA, DOT, CDC, FAA.

Tompkins Associates states, "Global borders will continue to melt away in pharmaceutical, biotech and medical product organizations. Executives in these industries will need to figure out how to integrate multiple supply chains or face the challenge of managing multiple, non-optimized supply chain units. Of course each new acquisition - whether already acquired, identified, or a future target - should be part of the strategy established in coming year." In this article by Tompkins Associates, Top 11 Priorities in 2011 for Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, and Medical Products, they discuss: How will industry leaders adapt to uncertainty? How will rapidly changing requirements to support new markets and channels affect the supply chain? And how will different products, customer requirements and regulatory compliance issues impact profitable growth?

Gene Tyndall, EVP, Global Supply Chain for Tompkins Associates will be speaking at the Pharmaceutical Distribution Conference, taking place July 25-27, 2011 in Philadelphia, along with TSA, International Pharmaceutical Excipients Auditing (IPEA), US Pharmacopeia (USP), Alcon Laboratories, Purdue Pharma, Johnson & Johnson and others to discuss linking the US pharmaceutical market to global distribution channels.

The Pharmaceutical Distribution Conference will provide solutions to address these challenges and systems to get products to market faster. Some other key topics to be presented include:


  • Building a distribution strategy to improve product integrity, reliability and efficiency
  • Developments in distribution: Gaining value from additional wholesaler services
  • New audit guide to improve supply chain security and supplier qualification practice
  • Optimizing traceability across the pharmaceutical supply chain: from point of manufacturing to point of sales
  • Strengthening the wholesaler and pharmaceutical manufacturer relationship

*See the full program here.


For more information or to register for Pharmaceutical Distribution Conference please visit or contact Helen Selby, Sector Manager at [email protected]

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