Pfizer Settles with Teva over Lipitor in U.K.

WALTON OAKS, U.K., October 7, 2011 - Pfizer Inc. announced today that the company has settled its patent-infringement case against Teva and several other parties in respect of Teva's generic form of Lipitor in the U.K. Under the terms of the settlement agreement Teva and the other settling parties agree not to sell Teva's atorvastatin product in the U.K. before patent expiry in May of 2012.  Teva acknowledges that Pfizer's Lipitor patent is valid and infringed by Teva's product. Other terms of the settlement remain confidential.

The settlement announced today is with Teva UK Limited, Phoenix Healthcare Distribution Limited, Barclay Pharmaceuticals Limited, AAH Pharmaceuticals Limited, L Rowland & Co (Retail) Ltd and Day Lewis PLC.

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